A couple days ago, I made the mistake of drinking oolong tea. Oolong has caffeine, and my body has been weaned from caffeine for a while now, and it overreacted and sent it to a full blown anxious episode. There was also another trigger that caused the anxiety to double, my balcony’s ceiling was leaking after a heavy month of nonstop rain in Sydney. Problem popping up out of the blue + caffeine = disaster.

That night I did not sleep a wink. My body went into fight and flight mode hard. My heart was beating out of my chest…

When you are younger you have a head full of dreams. Filled with the certainty and arrogance of youth that you are different and will be able to make it and the old people are just bitter from their incompetency to reach their goals. I was one of them. Now I am one of the bitter and incompetent adults. This is probably an incoherent record of my thoughts regarding this topic. Enjoy the chaos.

I turned 37 years old recently. And I find myself alone and don’t even have a $1,000 in my bank account. Let alone having my own…

I find life really tiresome. And it has been almost like that my entire life. Yes, this is not one of those feel good article. There had been some sprouts of excitements here and there, but barely to make the whole living thing worthwhile. Maybe children will change that. Maybe not. I wonder whether there are other people who feel the same way I do. Just to preface this article with an assurance that I have no intention to self harm or encourage people to do so. This is merely an opinion.

I feel the western society I grew up…

Trigger warning, death and possible suicidal ideation discussion in this article.

So the year is about to end and as a collective, 2020 is a year where we reassess everything we know about our lives. Our livelihood, the way we socialise with people, the way we work, the way we treat people that is different than us. Everyone is at edge, exhausted, at the brink of collapse, being propped up by artificial supports that can disappear at any moment.

Yet, for me this year was not as hard as previous year. I have experienced what people are experiencing this year, the devastation of losing your income, the helplessness, the paralytic effect…

Starting a business with no money online is possible. But like any thing in life it takes education, time, and effort as well. If you have no money you will need to scour YouTube for free training videos. I have done this and I have made some money online. Not much, and not enough to buy a house (yet, finger crossed). This article is only for a general discussion and introduction to the topic, exploring the extreme basic steps to get your foot in the door.


  1. Sign up for Canva,com (free) A free graphic design software (apps). They provide…

Starbucks Premium Instant Coffees Comparison

Since we are all encouraged to stay at home these days. I have reduced my visit to my favourite place, Starbucks. I saw at the supermarket that they created Starbucks At Home Instant Premium Coffees, so I decided to try the classic flavours.

Starbucks Instant Premium Coffee Taste Test Review First Impression | Starbucks Cappuccino vs Mocca vs Caramel vs Latte | Time Stamps Below

It costed me $5.90 each / 5 sachets = $1.18 each stick.

01:52 Packaging Inspection, Nutritional values check
07:38 Cafe Latte Taste test
09:07 Caramel Latte Taste Test
11:00 Mocha…

The date today is 25 June 2020, which means we have been in this global pandemic situation for almost half a year now. If you are in China, half a year. The economical (financial) repercussion is starting to show. This morning I woke up to the news that Deloitte, one of the big four accounting firms is retrenching 700 people. The recession is hitting the professional service industry now. Qantas and Woolworths (Airline and Supermarket) are cutting thousands of jobs. As the pandemic hits one industry after the other, and even when the shops are opening, you can still see…

All my life I have been surrounded by kids or people that were well off than me. My first encounter with kids with money was during this tour to China when I was in second grade. I had grown up in Indonesia as part of the ethnic Chinese community there. Up until middle school life was pretty calm and boring, filled with daily dramas that cannot be accumulated to the word crisis.

This peaceful existence included a family trip to China, which I experienced day light saving for the first time, ‘It is still day light at 9 pm? What?!?!?’…


So, for a couple of weeks now I have been contemplating whether I should write anything about the issue. There is something there for sure. Something that my feminist’s cells want to chew on.

So below is a link of the most updated version of what had happened behind the headline.

So the actual conviction was for raping 45 men, but in the latest article it says that based on the ‘trophy’ items, that he had raped around 195 men. He had gotten a life in prison for his crimes. …

Recently I went to a local event by this guy called Dr John F Demartini. I have to disclose the fact that I have been sort of following his teaching for the past fifteen years. I was there when the company was formed to bring this dude to Australia more regularly. Up until then I have been reading and consuming all the life coaching materials by other teachers, the staple, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, etc. The gurus.

Ironically now, I probably leaning towards the conventional gurus method than Demartini’s. Dr Demartini has a signature program called The Breakthrough Experience. It…


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